Onwards to NEW MEDS!!

Well, I am now sufficiently weaned off the Zoloft to start something new for my PTSD/Depression/Anxiety.

Started this morning and ... wheeeeee.... I am hoping that I get used to this quick!! Lovely cases of vertigo that come back again and again while I am walking around (really fun when doing the stairs! 😨).

Still, it is much more of a stimulant than my last medication, at least what the pharmasist stated. And, I have no reason to doubt that based upon how I felt not long after it started into my system. Also, I am looking forwards to up to 2 weeks before I will see positive results. Swell 😶

Still Alive.. Sorta

Though I have to wonder

It turned out that the medication I was taking for anxiety, starting past June, has finally run it's course, and I have started to have negative adverse reactions to it. Soooo, I am being weaned off of it. However, that means that my PTSD and depression is no longer being medically tempered and is now turning back into full blown issues, and will be worse before it gets better, as I have to be completely clean of the old psych medicine before I am given anything new.

Patience is a virtue... which is VERY hard right now!!

Voiced Concerns

Zeta Clark, the webmistress of TWL, contacted me this morning to ask how I was doing. This is a REDACTED response to that email.

Hi Zeta
Thanks for the email to ask. I really appreciate that.
Actually, that blog post was during my 2nd physiological break (the 1st in August which led to my 'semi-forced' early retirement from 911 ... PTSD & Depression on top of my "normal" medical issues ... well, it was remain for 3 years to get full pension and DIE ... or retire now to get partial pension and live [which is where I am at] ) which I am still dealing with now.
Believe it may be a med reaction to the med that I was started on in June for my Anxiety. (Yeah, I am a bit of a mess... but what can you expect of wizards ?? )
Anyway, the next day after the blog post was a near drug overdose, so I had EMS services out and the Sheriff took me to the mental health place...... Long story short, it seems like I am having a reaction to the Anxiety Drug, so now I am weani…

Wait.. Wha..?? It's only WEDNESDAY???!?

What a week so far!!

Monday, sitting on my bed, with my Ruger 40 in my hand, contemplating if it is better to go for the temple shot or through the mouth shot.

Decided that this was NOT a good idea and contacted my local Sheriff and have them come and pick up my 2 handguns.

1 chief of police, 1 sheriff sergeant and 3 deputies, 3 firemen and 2 paramedics later ....

They thanked me for being considerate and calling them. I thought I would be okay, and convinced them to leave me alone as I would be seeing my mental health doctor the next day, in 24 hours in fact.

Alrighty then! Thank you citizen and have a good day!

So, this really is a carry over of my earlier psychotic break which lead to my early retirement from 911 last October. Well, seems like the medication that they gave me, I have been only using half the normal dosage so, as the MHP counselor said, the drug lost is therapeutic value.

Why yes... yes it did.

Anyway, the next morning, I am considering all the different ways to act…

When did the FBI become the ENEMY?

They want you to think that we live in the world of "Enemy of the State", but instead of some mysterious shadowy organization that is behind the evil, the GOP wants you to think that it is instead the FBI that is that subversive shadowy government that aims to do away with the same American ideals that they protect.

Ingenious! Engineous, I telles ya!!

I remember growing up with being taught for respect for authority, and there was NO higher lawful authority in the land then the FBI. Hell, in some circles, J Edgar was (maybe still is) worshiped as a god (in the same pantheon with Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, no doubt). Movies and shows and television was filled with square jawed G-men whose only vice was that they were TOO patriotic! This is the mold that many of the right's governmental hero, Jack Bauer, was formed from. These are the men that will do ANYTHING to protect the country!

Except... break the law.

That is the difference between the FBI of reality and the FBI …

Spring Cleaning

I went and removed past posts here that had to do with Lair updates. These posts were VERY old, and besides, you can find the old updates posted at TWL. I want this blog to, while it will touch upon superheroine stuff, is primarily a political soapbox.

Death is the best health care

... at least according to the GOP. 

Sadly, this really is nothing new. I am sure that most of you reading this know of someone who either, or had a relative that did, became homeless because of health care costs. The Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, strove to do away with that calamity, as well as place assurances to patients of their own rights and guarantees of service.

The Republicans (The DEATH PARTY) wanted nothing of THAT! So, they got their propaganda arm over at Faux Entertainment (I refuse to call it "news") to push that OBAMACARE was bad and evil and scary... just like that evil black man who is occupying the White House, and millions of Americans (unfortunately) ate it up! Even today, people will bemoan how they are losing their wonderful ACA protections to Obamacare, or that they love the provisions that the ACA provided them (no refusal of service, pre-arriving conditions will be covered, etc) but would still despise "Obamacare"…